The site of the Workshop, Debrecen - town since the 14th century - located in the North-Eastern part of Hungary, in the middle of the Hungarian Great Plain at a distance of 220 km (130 miles) from Budapest, is the second largest Hungarian city (with ca. 210,000 inhabitants). In the 16th century the town, described as the "Calvinist Rome" became the centre of the reformation in Hungary. For short periods in 1849 and 1944 Debrecen was the temporary capital of the country. The Calvinist College has a traditional importance in culture and education with its library having a remarkable collection of old books. The University of Debrecen is the largest university in Hungary. Famous for the high level health service based on them, Debrecen has thermal baths. The nearby "puszta", the Hortobagy National Park, with its special fauna and flora is no less fascinating. 



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