The conference program consists of invited plenary talks and topical parallel sessions according to the following schedule

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9-11   plenary (opening) plenary        plenary plenary         plenary
11-13   parallel parallel plenary plenary plenary (closing)
14-16   parallel parallel excursion plenary  
16-18   parallel parallel excursion parallel  
18-20 registration     wine and cheese wine and cheese excursion banquet  
20-21 reception    discussions concert   banquet  


Plenary session: two talks of 35 minutes + 10 minutes discussion each

Parallel session: four talks of 25 minutes + 5 minutes discussion each, in three sessions in neighbouring lecture halls

Dinners will be followed by discussions and concerts

Plenary speakers:
Higgs physics results from a QCD perspective: Dezső Horváth (CMS, Wigner RC Budapest)
Boosted topologies within and beyond the SMAndrew Buckley (ATLAS, Glasgow)
t-quark measurements: Javier Cuevas Maestro (CMS, Oviedo)
W mass measurement with the ATLAS detector​: Mykhailo Lisovyi (Heidelberg)
Soft QCD: Gábor Veres (CMS, ELTE Budapest)
Results on EW gauge boson and jet production (including sensitivity to PDFs):  Elzbieta Richter-Was (ATLAS, Kraków)
Measurements in heavy ion collisions: Christine Nattrass (ALICE, Tennessee)
Heavy quark physicsCarla Göbel (LHCb, Rio de Jainero)

Theory talks:
Higgs: theory from the QCD perspective: Marius Wiesemann (CERN)
Heavy quarks: Alex Mitov (Cambridge)
EW corrections: Alessandro Vicini (Milano)
Fixed-order QCD corrections: Daniel De Florian (Buenos Aires)
Towards multijet processes at NNLO: Johannes Henn (Mainz)
SCET/resummation: Frank Tackmann (DESY)
Deep-Learning Subjets or No End to QCD: Tilman Plehn (Heidelberg)
PDFs: Pavel Nadolsky (SMU Dallas)
Generators: Christian Bauer (Berkeley)

Summary: Giulia Zanderighi (CERN and Oxford)

The detailed program will be available in August on the indico webpage where you can also upload the abstract of your planned contribution.

The parallel sessions and their conveners are:

Higgs physics and searches: Elisabetta Furlan (ETH), Kerstin Tackmann (ATLAS, DESY), local coordinator: Gabriella Pásztor (CMS, ELTE Budapest)

Top, heavy quarks and searches : Maria Vittoria Garzelli (DESY), Pamela Ferrari (ATLAS, NIKHEF), local coordinator: Giuseppe Bevilacqua (DE)

Hard QCD and EW: Francesco Tramontano (Naples), local coordinator: Gábor Somogyi (DE)

Resummation and Monte Carlo generators: Simone Alioli (CERN), local coordinator: Ádám Kardos (DE)

Parton Distributions and soft QCD:  Ferenc Siklér (CMS, Wigner RC Budapest), local coordinator: Ádám Kardos (DE)

Heavy ionsPéter Lévai (ALICE, Wigner RC Budapest)