Travel information


Hungary is member of the EU, so visa is not required for citizens of European countries, the United States, Japan and Israel. You can find out whether you need a visa here. If in doubt, consult travel agencies or at the Hungarian Embassy or Consulate in your home country. For the registered participants who need visa to enter Hungary, the conference secretariat will issue a 'letter of invitation'.  


The Hungarian currency is FORINT (Ft or HUF). The exchange rate is around 1 EUR = 310 HUF. Some bigger shops accept Euros, but the exchange rate is not preferable. Use exchange shops instead. Please note that the hotel prices will be listed in Forints. If you are interested in the daily exchange rates, check this site .  

Travelling to Debrecen

There are few flight services directly to Debrecen.

The main international airport in Hungary is Ferihegy Airport in Budapest (terminal 2).  Discount flights usually arrive at Terminal 2A, and other companies to Terminal 2B, but these are very close.
The easiest (and recommended) way of reaching Debrecen is by train. Intercity trains leave Ferihegy stop 43 minutes after each hour and the travel takes two hours ten minutes. The complete train timetable can be found at here. On intercity trains seat reservation is obligatory. A one-way (2nd class) ticket from Ferihegy costs 4315 HUF (including reservation). From downtown Budapest it is slightly more expensive. To reach the
Ferihegy train stop from Terminal 2 you may take a local bus (with end station in between the two terminals) and reach the Ferihegy train stop
in five bus stops.  Alternatively one can reach downtown Budapest using an 'AIRPORT MINIBUS' Shuttle Bus and take a train from Nyugati Railway Station. This bus will take you where you request. For those who would like to rent a car, AVIS, BUDGET and HERTZ offer rent-a-car services at the airport.

Order your train ticket on the internet

Sunday afternoon is usually quite crowded on the trains connecting Budapest to Debrecen, advance booking on the IC trains could be useful. Note that embarking on an IC train without valid seat reservation will be fined. You can book your ticket on line of the MAV website (there is English menu). If you make an order, select 'Home ticket printing' which provides a pdf file which you may either print or download on your phone.

From the railway station to the campus in Debrecen

After leaving the building of Debrecen Railway Station, you face a square on which you immediately notice the end station of the two tram lines. You can buy your tram ticket at the yellow building or at any of the newsstands at the railway station for 300 HUF. It is slightly more costly of you buy it on the tram from the driver. You must punch the ticket for validation. You take tram No 1, travel 12 stops and get off the train at the university (EGYETEM) campus. Leaving the tram stop you
find a gate on your right. The road behind the gate leads to the conference venua (about 100m).