QCD@LHC 2017 and Debrecen University Symposium 2017

Supported by:


University of Debrecen EU COST Action CA15108 Hungarian Academy of Sciences


28th August -- 1st September 2017

You can find the poster of the event here.

This workshop aims at fostering discussions and collaboration between
experimenters and theorists, working on collider physics related to the LHC.

Topics to be discussed include

Results from the LHC on
* Higgs and electroweak physics
* Soft and Hard QCD
* heavy flavours
* heavy ions

Theory of
* Higgs physics
* jets and jet substructure
* fixed-order and resummed computations in QCD and electroweak sector (including SCET)
* heavy quarks 

Parton density functions, event simulations
QCD for searches for new physics

Confirmed speakers:

Experimental talks:
Higgs physics results from a QCD perspective: Dezső Horváth (CMS, Wigner RC Budapest)
Boosted topologies within and beyond the SMAndrew Buckley (ATLAS, Glasgow)
t-quark measurements: Javier Cuevas Maestro (CMS, Oviedo)
Soft QCD: Gábor Veres (CMS, ELTE Budapest)
Results on EW gauge boson and jet production (including sensitivity to PDFs):  Elzbieta Richter-Was (ATLAS, Kraków)
Measurements in heavy ion collisions: Christine Nattrass (ALICE, Tennessee)
Heavy quark physicsCarla Göbel (LHCb, Rio de Jainero)

Theory talks:
Higgs: theory from the QCD perspective: Marius Wiesemann (CERN)
Heavy quarks: Alex Mitov (Cambridge)
EW corrections: Alessandro Vicini (Milano)
Fixed-order QCD corrections: Daniel De Florian (Buenos Aires)
SCET/resummation: Frank Tackmann (DESY)
Deep-Learning Subjets or No End to QCD: Tilman Plehn (Heidelberg)
PDF's: Pavel Nadolsky (SMU Dallas)
Generators: Christian Bauer (Berkeley)

Summary: Giulia Zanderighi (CERN and Oxford)


The workshop will take place in Debrecen, Hungary starting with registration in the afternoon and
reception in the evening of Sunday the 27st August. The scientific part of the meeting will start at
9am on Monday morning the 28th of August through Friday until lunchtime on the 1st of September.

Important dates:

Abstract submission deadline: open until few remaining slots are filled

Abstract acceptance: June 15th

Deadline for early registration: July 9th

Deadline for registration: August 25th

The second half of the workshop, starting with the plenary sessions on 30th of August, will constitute
the DEBRECEN UNIVERSITY SYMPOSIUM 2017, sponsored by the University of Debrecen.

Departure is after lunch on Friday.

It is a follow-up to the successful workshops with the same name in
Trento, Italy
St. Andrews, Scotland 
East Lansing, Michigan, USA 
Hamburg, Germany 
Suzdal, Russia 
London, England 
Zürich, Switzerland